Our work speaks for itself. Read what some of our satisfied customers have to say.

Showed up on time, performed work in time frame quoted.

Paul Roberts – FL

All went perfect. Extremely high quality of work at a fair price. Completely trustworthy. Would high recommend and have referred them already

Robyn Robbins – FL

My renters had pretty much destroyed my property. Joe Larsen is someone who I had worked for previously. I already knew of his work ethic and bedrock honesty. He restored my property to its previous condition & thus allowed me to sell it at a profit in 2008. I shall always be grateful to Joe for the quality & value of the work that he did in my behalf.

John Gallo – Ruskin, FL

Larsen Contractors remodeled our master bath. He replaced tile, backsplash, baseboards, cabinet knobs, shower heads, shower enclosures and light fixtures. We thought he did a beautiful job. We had a problem with the shower wall not being plumb from the builder and they did a good job disguising it and it cost a lot less than ripping out all kinds of walls and such. The finished work increased our homes value.

Mary Swindle – FL

The shower no longer leaks and is now built to the correct specifications, which it wasn’t originally. Also, the travertine tile work is beautiful. Joe was very professional and kept the dust and dirt of the shower demolition and rebuild to a minimum. Joe spent a lot of time getting the travertine tile work perfect. I would not hesitate to use Joe Larsen, Larsen Home Improvements, for any home repair or improvement project.

Karen Childers – FL

In February 2005 we had a terrible chimney leak and stucco leak. Mr. Larsen was referred to me by a neighbor he had done work for. We had an extensive chimney chase leak with loose/cracked stucco, along with a leaky roof on our 2 story home. This was an immense job because the water damage infiltrated the whole north side of the house and half of the front. All stucco had to be removed down to the studs, rotten wood replaced. Basically he had to rebuild the whole north side and front half of our home.

We were very happy with the finished product and I would recommend & hire Mr. Larsen again without question.

Libby Maxwell – FL

Joe did an excellent job will great attention to detail and thorough supervision of sub-contractors. As the exploratory phase proceeded more damage was found and Joe was quick to follow through with the necessary repairs. The end product was better than the original work and followed the architect’s original design.

This job was done as time and materials and given the nature of the task, that is, discovering all the hidden water damage, a fair way to proceed. Would we have agreed up-front to the total price? May be not. However, this kind of damage has to be fully corrected or the value of your house will be impacted.

I’d hire Joe again in a heart-beat. Honest, professional, reliable, and responsive.

Joseph Spiak – FL

They did a professional job as agreeed, on time, and within budget. Mr Larsen properly supervised his subcontractors, while performing many skilled tasks himself. Having been a general contractor for 40 years, now retired and having worked with many contractors, can say that having worked with Joe Larsen is among the best experiences I have had. He does what he says he is going to do. If for some reason there was a scheduling change, he would inform me right away. Most of Mr. Larsen’s subcontractors have been working closely with him for several years.

Muse Brooks – Jacksonville, FL

Replaced extensive portion of water damaged exterior wall and roof. On another occasion he repaired extensive water damage in upstairs and downstairs bedrooms. Big projects, well done. Knowledgeable, honest.

Ken Adams – Jacksonville, FL

A tree limb had fallen on our roof and damaged the roof. As a result of the rain coming in. A structural beam was damaged as well as the ceiling and roof. He repaired the root, replaced shingles, replaced the structural beam that was damaged, replaced the damaged ceiling boards. Painted the repaired work. He did an excellant job at the repair and cleanup. I have no complaints. He showed up when he was supposed to and was there every day until the job was completed. He also submitted the necessary information for me to have the insurance adjuster issue the checks to pay him.

Rick Harrison – FL

Joe did a major remodel on our family room, including replacing a small window with a huge picture window. It involved structure, drywall, ceiling/knock-down reno, etc. The work was excellent. We were out of town for part of this and he kept us informed via email and photos of his work. In my opinion, he doesn’t take short-cuts. He thinks things out, explains what he’s going to do and why, and then executes. I’ve used Joe’s services several times over a 10 year period. If you want quality and a fair (not bargain) price, call Joe.

Curtis Weaver – Saint Johns, FL

They built a beautiful Italian travertine shower for me with a window in it. The team showed up on time and got the job done quickly.

Holly Gordon – FL

We contracted Mr. Joe Larsen to refurbish our kitchen, family room and hall by removing old tile and laminate flooring and popcorn ceilings. In addition to this we had recessed lights installed in the family room and decorative tile put on the wall separating the family room and kitchen. We have hired Mr. Larsen three times over the past ten years to almost rebuild our home. I can’t say enough about his work as he always does an incredible job and pays attention to detail. He stand by his work and if something needs to be touched up he will swing by and take care of the job. I would highly recommend him to anyone…a true professional.

Eileen Allen – Jacksonville, FL

2 major (flooding) leaks on two floors of a three story villa… re-did the entire outside with superb materials, re-did the inside (new drywall, caulking). In addition: re-did the other drywall cracks (not related to the above), and painted all, inside and out…utilized exceptional latex paint with numerous coats… He was excellent and a joy to have around…and did it all in a timely manner…excellent pricing.

Keith Giordano – FL

This builder is a perfectionist and demands this from anyone working with him. He was on site 90 percent of time and I really liked the contractors he provided for electric and plumbing. He always left the site clean.

Lynda Odell – FL

Our most recent contract with Larsen Home Improvements was to totally redo our master bath. Prior to this, he totally rebuilt the back wall of our home after we discovered termite damage. Joe takes pride in what he does and takes the time and effort to make sure that it is accomplished correctly. On some things, I think his standards were higher than ours.

David Wainer – FL

Dear Mr. Larsen

I wanted to write you and express my appreciation for the work you did on our house over the last two months. I am one to write companies when things go wrong and, conversely, compliment those whose work deserves praise.

The work you did in tearing out our master bathroom shower and tiling it, tiling the floor and painting/repairing our walls is beautiful. We noticed your commitment to perfection and the pride you take in your work. Everyone who sees the bathroom says the same thing. “I am so jealous.” We love it!

Additionally, we are very pleased with the door you hung from our nook to our porch. The door is a huge improvement over the sliding glass door we had originally. Your attention to detail in replacing the trim and threshold was the brunt of the work you had to do. It looks great also!

We have also been comforted by your response to the small issues we had such as sealing some areas around the door. We never felt like you had our money and we would have to beg you to come back. You have been true to your word.

In this town we have had some very bad experiences with home improvement and repair companies. This has certainly not been the case with you and your crew. Mike and Dave were pleasant, hard-working, courteous and respectful. We would not hesitate to use you in the future and would be happy to recommend you to anyone who wants our input.

Barbara R. Lee – FL

Over the past 5-6 years Joe Larson has done two significant construction projects on my residence. These projects involved extensive exterior wall repair and replacement and subsequent painting of the entire residence. Additionally, in the master suite the entire shower needed to be replaced because of extensive water damage.

In each of these projects Joe did a first class, professional job. He made a good assessment of the damage and the work to be done to repair and correct the conditions found. He fully discussed the required effort with me and throughout the project kept me fully informed as to the progress, problems, and issues as they arose.

Joe fully met my requirements and more as he found additional necessary adjustments and opportunities for improvements. I was extremely pleased with the service provided by Joe. I would use him again and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

Charles Richards – FL

Owner Joe Larsen was on site almost whole time. His main guy Don was extremely good. They are very meticulous and deliberate going about their job. Very high quality work and trustworthy.

They are very good and worth the cost. You can expect high quality work and craftsmanship from this company. Owner is very detail oriented and asks his people that work with him the same. Won’t hesitate to hire him again or recommend him to friends and family. Already recommended him to my realtor. Thanks Joe, Don and other crew for all that you did for us these last 6 weeks.

Keith Giorvano – FL