Inevitably, all homes will have need of repairs at some point. With the amount of rains and high winds that plague this area, many homeowners have suffered damage to their property. Shingles that have been ripped off by heavy winds, or siding that has come down leaves your home susceptible to leaking. Even if you don’t see the evidence of water, having a professional survey the damage is important. Water may be getting in and creating more damage in your ceiling and walls.

The age of your home is also a factor that causes repairs to be necessary. Over time, the wood on porches and decks can rot, causing the structure to be unsafe. Pipes can become leaky, dripping water into floors or walls. Mold can form in these areas, causing health issues for your family. Keeping up on home repairs is very important. Sometimes you may think that the repairs can wait. By leaving things unrepaired, you are taking risks of the damage becoming worse. Creating a safe environment for your family and visitors is a high priority.

Larsen Home Improvements is a company that values people and takes pride in their work. They have served the community for over ten years. Joe Larsen built the company with great dedication to his clients. Let this great team of licensed contractors come and survey the damage in your home. They will give you honest feedback and will map out a plan to fix your damage. Their motto is “Our Repairs Solve the Source of the Problem.”